I am an ancient soul who has reincarnated many times. I have lived many lives in different eras and different worlds.  Although this world is not my original home, I have chosen it in this lifetime to heal your soul and heart, as I am a master of healing.  I repair broken and damaged trust and guide you to discover your soul through past life regression. 

I am always learning about who I am and with this knowledge more awareness is revealed. I am an eternal student and my third eye is very open. I am in progress of mastering love and intuitive with higher self with mantra of the divine connection. Allow me to assist you in discovering who you are and who your soul is meant to be. With me, I only see the truth and not the false face and the time of my experience is not an issue for I am always evolving and that is for me the true importance!

I am Divine Soul, Master of healing. I was born a healer and a spiritual vessel that carries all those who are in pain to worlds were they can unburden their souls. As a healer I can remove your body, heart, and soul pain through chakra healing and angel awareness meditation. My instruments are the magical harp for calming the soul, the quartz crystal for clearing energy, the moon for raising awareness, and the grass for promoting new growth.

I am on this world for a short time; my mission is a light worker.  I am here to heal your soul and explore together what the universe has to offer you.

Divine Soul, Master of Healing


Areas Of Expertise
Love and Relationship, Career, Financial, Family, Spiritual, Past Life

Tarot, Crystals, Angel Cards, Dream Interpretation, Oracle, Magical Harp for calming the soul, crystal quartz for clearing energy, the moon for raising awareness, and grass for new growth

Style Of Intuition
Angel Guides, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Direct Channeling, Empath, Spirit Guides