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Do you have a challenge in the physical, emotional or spiritual area of your life that seems to defy logical and traditional kinds of treatment? 
Sometimes we find our selves and our bodies stuck in repetitive patterns that defy traditional therapy and our best efforts to "do" something to change the situation. Often we focus on the story and the outer symptoms and don't know how to reach the source, where quick and deep change can occur.

Work at the energetic and creative levels of your being occurs at the source of the problem and can remove blocks to living out your possibility.

What is the energy work all about?
Energy medicine in the tradition of the Peruvian Inca shamans is based on the understanding that we each have a "luminous body," an energy field where imprints of trauma, past and future disease, unresolved issues and other "dense energies" reside and can block our well-being.

I am trained to create "sacred space," where the spirits and ancestors are invited in to create healing and wholeness with the client. I am not "healing" or "doing," but am acting as a kind of intermediary who can help you release energies that are not serving you.

Will the work conflict with my religious beliefs?
This form of energy work is spiritual in nature, but not religious. I am trained to honor all spiritual traditions and language. You do not have to believe in any spiritual tradition to achieve a benefit, but it is helpful if you can see the universe as a place where everything is alive, and where anything is possible. This is the place where the creative imagination resides, and is engaged in the service of wholeness.

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